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Do you seek relief from anxiety, trauma, loss, depression,

work or relationship conflicts?

      Dr. Jayan Marie Landry

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"Roxie" the doctor's well-trained registered service dog is available on request for most sessions. Research has proven improved mood and healing with pet therapy.

Dr. Landry focuses on teaching life wellness strategies to manage anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, OCD, grief, loss and life transitions. The ideal client is motivated to make positive life changes. 

As a licensed psychotherapist, advanced practice registered nurse and musician, additional therapy options include:

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


*Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

*Himalayan Singing Bowl Meditations

to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

*Traditional talk therapy

*Medication Consultation

*Dream Analysis

*Trauma Intervention

*Grief Counseling

*Marital counseling

industry best practices

Live your best life with

Dr. Landry's

pearls of wisdom

in her latest publication

Healing Emotional Trauma

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Medical Professional Endorsements:

"The human spirit is simultaneously fragile and resilient, and with Healing Emotional Trauma, Dr. Landry explores that delicate balance in great detail. The ability to rise above challenge is one that everyone needs to master, and this book offers compassionate, accessible, and approachable advice to inspire readers to do just that."

Helen F. WIlliama, APRN, ANP-BC, COHH-S, FAAOHN Nurse Practitioner Manager- Boston University Occupational Health.

"The authors background serves her well in the writing and presentation of this material. She clearly knows of what she speaks, and she has a confident and caring style that talks to readers without talking down to them. That's a very good thing in a self- help book such as this."

Dr. Thomas Page, Professor of Psychology Capella University.


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