​​​ "I was at a loss as to how to relate to my wife of 28 years. All we did was argue with each other. Dr. Landry taught me how to listen and now, we are planning our future together instead of apart. We are so grateful!                                     D. Brades

"After my son and daughter sustained that trauma, we didn't know where to turn for help. Fortunately, we'd heard about Dr. Landry from our primary care doctor and during our first meeting we knew our recovery was in caring, capable hands."

                                                          Mr. & Mrs. G

"As a police officer, I was reluctant to talk to someone about my job stress. Few therapists offer both traditional and non traditional modes of therapy. I enjoy the opportunity to be heard by someone who really knows the job. I am finally getting some relief from my nightmares."

                                                        Commander C

"As a gay couple, my wife and I were struggling with communication issues. Dr. Landry helped us save our marriage."                                            K & Lori


"As a spiritual person, I've struggled to find therapy that offers care in alignment with my beliefs. After the death of my mother, I asked her to pray with me and it was one of the most powerful moments in my life."                                                          Garcia


"​I'm an RN in a busy Emergency Department. We deal with life and death every day. There is no one skilled on site nor is there time for me to process all I see. Seeing Dr. Landry once a month as a check-in has helped me stay sane."                                                    Brenda RN

​"Why am I so anxious and how do I deal with it? As a medical professional I was at a loss. Dr. Landry has taught me to appreciate the benefits of medicine, breathing and her singing bowl technique. When I read her book, I hear her voice encouraging me to live my best life."                                            Dr. P


our approach

who we are

As a healer, Dr. Landry, licensed psychotherapist, clinical nurse specialist and advanced practice nurse holds a doctorate in counseling psychology, with over thirty years experience specializing in crisis intervention.

As the co-founder of the first east coast Trauma Intervention Program of Merrimack Valley (TIP), she has on-site experience with over 22,000 child and adult trauma survivors. Has offered numerous critical incident debriefings for police, fire, and nursing personnel.

Dr. Landry blends traditional western and non-traditional eastern philosophies. With numerous international travel experiences, Dr. Landry helps you achieve wholeness, clarity and peace.


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Do you seek relief from anxiety, trauma, loss, depression,

work or relationship conflicts?

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A one-size-fits-all approach will not help you reach your full potential. We offer custom self-help interventions, tailored to your needs and one-of-a-kind issues. Dr. Landry partners with you as you take responsibility for your life challenges.

Boston College Young Alumni Achievement Award

Recipient of Eagle Tribune:  "Woman of the Year Award" 1999

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